Community Support Program

Community EventThank you for contacting Seasons of Durango to be part of your fund raising efforts. As an integral part of Durango, we cherish our community involvement whenever possible. Seasons of Durango receives several requests weekly, and while we would like to help everyone, not all requests can be granted. In order to give complete and thorough consideration to the sponsorship/donation requests, we ask you to answer the questions asked below. The committee meets on the schedule outlined below.


  • Please answer all questions below at least 30 days prior to your event.
  • You must be a registered 501 c3 OR Registered with Secretary of State as Non Profit
  • Please explain how your event will benefit the Durango Community
  • Please provide a thank you listing detailing where Seasons Rotisserie & Grill’s name will appear at the event or in the advertising.

Information Needed:

1. Your name, title and email address

2. Tax ID

3. Number of Years Established

4. Name, date and location of event

5. How many people attending

6. Specific support requested of Seasons Rotisserie & Grill of Durango

7. Any other additional facts about your event or how it is a fit for Seasons

8. Your specific marketing strategy
All requests may be emailed to: donationrequest@seasonsofdurango.com

Please respond to all questions 30 days prior to your event

Our events committee will review sponsorship requests on:

• February 15
• March 15
• April 15
• May 15
• June 15
• July 15
• August 15
• September 15
• October 15 to select Partner for our Seasons’ Anniversary Event (Please click here to complete the separate form for this event.)

Thanks for Choosing Seasons!