Cheese & Salumi Menu

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served with grilled ciabatta, fresh fruit,

bacon & almond brittle, fruit preserves

choose 3 for 17 or choose 5 for 21


POINT REYES BLUE raw cow firm, crumbly, peppery, aged 6 months, Pt Reyes, CA

AVALANCHE BLUE goat milk, Beautiful blue-gray veins run wild in this well-balanced blue, aged for two to four months.   Basalt, CO

SHEPARDS HALO sheep bloomy-rind, triple cream, salty, nutty, with a brown butter savory lift – for Brie lovers!  Fruition Farms-Larkspur, CO

ROBIOLA BOSINA cow/sheep bloomy rind, full rich flavors that are earthy and mushroomy
Piedmont, Italy

James Ranch Belford raw cow grass fed, firm, rich, buttery, Farmstead cheese, Durango, CO

BEEMSTER 18 MONTH GOUDA cow artisan gouda, sweet, nutty, butterscotch notes, Holland

MONTEBOISSIER pasteurized cow milk with an elastic texture and a grape extract inlay. A pungent smell is followed by a surprisingly mild nutty taste, France

COMTE’ raw cow brown butter & roasted nut aromas, sweet finish AOC Jura, France

MANCHEGO sheep fruity, nutty, sweet, & tangy – aged for 8 months La Mancha, Spain



FLORY’S TRUCKLE raw cow clothbound artisan cheddar, crystallized, complex, Jameson, MO
Chef’s Favorite!

PARMEGIANO REGGIANO unpasteurized cow the classic taste of umami from Italy!

raw goat firm, washed-rind, big earthy & goat flavors aged 120 days; Longmont, CO


COUNTRY STYLE MANGALITSA HAM local pork molasses & hickory-smoked; rich & nutty….add $2

DUCK PROSCIUTTO cured Moulard duck breast

AVALANCHE FINOCCHIONA ground fennel, used to flavor the lean pork shoulder and cheek fat. This version uses both goat and pork. Colorado Made

FERMIN CHORIZO IBERICO the original Spanish chorizo-cured with smoked paprika & garlic, Spain

CREMINELLI SOPRESSA Northern Italian inspired salami; red wine & garlic, heirloom Duroc pork, Utah