Lunch Menu

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ARTISAN CHEESE & SALUMI see reverse for our cheese & salumi menu…

SEMOLINA DUSTED CALAMARI fire roasted tomato salsa, lemon aioli 12

DUCK LIVER MOUSSE pickled red onions, cornichons, dijon, grilled ciabatta 10

JAMES RANCH BEEF CARPACCIO*local arugula, Romano, capers, campfire garlic crouton 12

TODAY’S SOUP bowl or cup aq

SEASONS’ ONION SOUP sweet local onions, Comté cheese crouton 9



CHOP SALAD hard cooked farm egg, house bacon, local tomatoes, avocado, Maytag blue cheese crumbles & dressing 12
CLASSIC CAESAR SALAD Sicilian anchovies, garlic croutons, pecorino Romano 9.5
WARM FRISEE SALAD* fried farm egg, crunchy Surryano ham chips, James Ranch Belford, smoked ham & sherry vinaigrette 10
WINTER GREENS SALAD local mixed greens, pomegranate, manchego, citrus vinaigrette 10
SOUP & SALAD or SANDWICH COMBO cup of soup or small salad, & half sandwich 12
***add to any salad: oak grilled chicken breast 5


HAM & CHEESE SANDWICH house smoked ham, aged white cheddar, Jenn’s pickled peppers,
ciabatta, gaufrette Yukon gold chips 12
FRENCH ONION SANDWICH shaved New Mexico beef ribeye, caramelized onions, dijon, Comte cheese, house onion bun, waffle fries 14
CLASSIC BLT house baked brioche, house smoked bacon, local tomatoes (still!), romaine, lemon aioli, house made chips 11…. make it a triple decker 13
GRILLED CHEESE house baked brioche, white cheddar, house mozzarella, local tomatoes,
grilled portobello, local basil pesto, gaufrette Yukon gold chips 14
HOISIN BBQ PORK RIBS with spicy slaw, waffle fries 13
PASTA OF THE DAY ask your server…
CHICKEN POT PIE local root vegetables, buttermilk biscuit topping, local arugula salad 12
SEASONS’ HOUSE GROUND CHUCK BURGER* house baked onion roll, chipotle ketchup, waffle fries 11
add white cheddar, Maytag blue, avocado, house bacon 1.5